Striking tool may be noted as a basic tool having a heavy weighing head attached to a handle. Examples are striking tools, a sledgehammer, mallet, punch, chisel, etc. they are the oldest form of a tool known to a man has its origins from an age where stones which were readily available were used as a striking tool.

Striking tools have seen a major makeover with modern equipment now modernizing the way they are made. These tools have always enabled the user to apply more strike force be which wouldn’t have been possible with the use of his bare hands. Modernising of these tools have made them available in different style, different shape and different weight making them used for a variety of purposes

Few examples of striking tools are as follows:

  • Heavy hammer: it is a tool known for delivering a blow to the object with brutal force. It is mainly used to drive a pointed object as nails, screw, etc. in the walls or wooden sheets or a metal sheet. Sometimes they are also used to fit parts and break apart an object. Hammers come in different shapes and sizes nowadays they are also made to order on requirements to fulfill certain specific requirements.
  • Mallet: it is a wooden hammer used to deliver a blow soft enough not to break the object on which the blow is delivered, mainly used in the case where the intensity of blow is minimum, but the area under the blow should be of wider dimension. It is also used where the surface of the material is to be minimally impacted.
  • Axe: a powerful tool known through ages for cutting trees using brute force. Axe is one of those of tool which has not seen many functional modifications. Its sole use is to cut through the piece of log. Sometimes it may also be used as a weapon.
  • Chisel: it is a tool shaped in such a way at the edge that it is used to carve through wood, metal, stone, etc. it may be used with a mallet or a hammer to apply force for carving.
  • Sledgehammer: it is a tool with large metal heads attached to a lever. Its sheer size enables the user to apply more force on the object to be punched through. It exerts more force of impact than any other hammer its size and weight.

All these striking tools can be bought from the local market or via one click of a finger from the internet. Striking tools equipment suppliers have started making their tools available on the internet making it easier for the customer to buy one. It has enabled the customer to compare similar tools from different brands, their price, warranty and other details very easily via the internet.

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